Jane Wardell
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King George 3rd is on the throne.
Jane Wardell was the second of eight children of Zachariah Wardell and Ann Scarr
Jane was Christened on the 20th September 1839 in Acklam By Malton Yorkshire
On the 1841 census the family was living in the village of Acklam Yorkshire
On the 29th November 1857 Jane marries John Backhouse in Farlington yorkshire
The first of the three children was Francis William born on 21stOctober 1859 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The second child Ann was christened on the 12th April 1861
On the 1861 census the family is living in Cowthrope Yorkshire
Ann seems to die in the september quarter of 1861
The last child Elleanor was born in the September quarter 1862 in Cowthrope
Jane dies on the 5th March 1870 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

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