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Queen Victoria is the Queen
John Backhouse Was Baptist on the 29th April 1838 in Cowthorpe Yorkshire and was the 10th child
His parents were Matthew Backhouse and Ellin Dawson
On the 1841 John is living in Cowthorpe with his parents and grandmother
by the 1851 census Grandmother has died and john living with his parents in Cowthorpe
on the 29th November 1857 john Marries the first of his three wives Jane Wardell
On the 21st October 1859 the first of their children is born Francis William Backhouse in Cowthorpe
On the 1861 census they was still living in Cowthorpe and had the second child Ann down as an infant
The last of their child Elleanor was born in 1862 and was Baptist 8th August 1862
John loses his wife on the 5th march 1870 still in Cowthorpe
On the 1871 census John is living with his father and daughter Eleanor at 17 there also children from a sibling of Johns but as yet I don't know which one
John Marries his second Wife on the 29th October 1871 in Cowthorpe Sarah Lundy
they don't seem to of had any children
On the 1881 census john and wife Sarah is still living at 17 there also a grandson Hebert and john's brother William
John loses his second wife Sarah in the June quarter of 1890 On the 1891 census John is living at 33; with his brother William.
John Marries wife number 3 Edith Benson in the June quarter 1894; John and Edith have a family of their own starting with Mary Ann in the December quarter of 1894 in Cowthorpe
closely followed by William in the December quarter 1895 in Cowthorpe
in the June quarter of 1897 a daughter Laura is born in Cowthorpe
then in the December quarter of 1898 John is born in Cowthorpe
unfortunately john dies in the same quarter
King Edward 7th becomes King on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria
On the 1901 census john and family is living at 37 cottage Cowthorpe
Walter is born in the December quarter of 1902 in Cowthorpe
followed by Albert who was born on the 31st August 1907 in Cowthorpe, but registered in the December Quarter
and finality Arthur is born in the march quarter of 1910 in Cowthorpe
King George 5th becomes King on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th

John dies in the March quarter of 1915.

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