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Francis William Backhouse was born 21st October 1859 in Cowthorpe Yorkshire and was the son of John Backhouse and Jane Wardell
Francis was the first of three children
On the 1861 census Francis was living with his family at 17 Cowthorpe? Cowthorpe Yorkshire
Francis mother dies on the 5th March 1870
I don't know where Francis was living on the 1871 census but it wasn't with his father
Francis marries Emily Amelia Kendrew on the 7th July 1883 in Tockwith Yorkshire
Their family is soon on it's way when the first child Ernest William is born in the December Quarter 1883 in Tockwith.
by the birth of the second child Sarah Elizabeth in December Quarter of 1885, they are living in Kirk Hammerton
The third child Thomas Percy follows in the December quarter of 1887 also in Kirk Hammerton
The fourth child Lily is born at West Field Kirk Hammerton on the 17th September 1889
On the 1891 census the family is still in Kirk Hammerton
The fifth child Emily is Born in the September Quarter of 1891 in Kirk Hammerton
The sixth child John Loftas is born in Mar Quarter of 1894 in Kirk Hammerton
The seventh child Fred ( yes Fred ) is born in March Quarter 1896 in Cowthorpe Yorkshire
The eighth child Winifred is born in the June Quarter 1898 in Cowthorpe Yorkshire

On the 11th Oct 1899 the Boar war breaks out in africa

The nineth child Harold is born in the March Quarter of 1900 also in Cowthorpe

King Edward 7th becomes king on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria

On the 1901 they are living 47 Cottage Cowthorpe

On the 3rd May 1902 Peace declared and the Boar War comes to a end
King George 5th becomes king on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th

The tenth and last child was Dorothy who was born in the March Quarter of 1911 in the district of Great Oustburn
On the 1911 Census they are living Clock Hill Feild Whixley
On the 15th May 1923 Emily dies leaving Francis a widower

King Edward 8th becomes King on the 20th January 1936 on the death of his father King George 5th
King George 6th becomes King on the 11th December 1936 on the abdication of his brother King Edward 8th

Francis Dies on the 1st April 1944 at the Beaches West Tadcaster West Yorkshire

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