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King George 3rd is on the Thorne.
Ann was the second Daughter of John Scarr and his wife Jane Swan and was born on the 23rd Jun 1812, Ann was Baptisted
on the 18th July 1812.
King George the 4th thats the thone on the 29th Januay 1920 n the death of his Father King George 3rd.
King William 4thtoke the thorne on the 26th June 1830 on the Death of his Father King George 4th.
Queen Victoria toke the torne on the 20th June 1837 on the Death of her Uncle King William 4th.

Ann marries Zacharial Wardell on the 3rd July 1837 at acklam yorkshire.
it doesnt take very long before the first of the 8 children arrive, daughter Elizabeth is baptisted on the 16th October 1837 and was registrater in the December Quarter of 1837
the second child was also a daughter was Jane and she was baptisted on the 20th September 1839.
the third child was born on the 20th April 1840 and was baptisted on the 15th August 1840,
on the 1841 census the family are living in the village of Acklam Yorkshire the first son Francis was born on the 30th May 1844, and baptist on the 5th June 1844.
children 5 ( Alice ) and 6 ( Hannah ) both girls are twins the are baptist on the 18th January 1846. this in itself isnt enough to thounk the are twins but the births are both registered in the March quarter of 1846.
child number seven Harriet was born on the 20th April 1849 in Acklam By Malton and was baptist on the 20th May 1849.
on the 1851 census the Family are still living in Acklam and Ann is a house wife,
the eight/last and a second son was born on the 27th October 1852, im not sur if Tranmer was baptist on the 12th or the 18th of December 1852 on the 1861 Census the family was still living in Acklam Yorks, Ann was still maintianing the house.
10 years later on the 1871 census the family is living in Acklam Yorks, a womans work is never done and Ann is still a housewife.
Time passes and the 1881 census shows Mr. & Mrs Wardell was still living in Acklam Village.
On the 1891 census Zachariah and Ann are still living in the Vilaage of Acklam Yorks.
Zachariah Dies on the 4th July 1891 leaving Ann a widow.
Ann dies in the March Quarter of 1892 in the Registration distict of Malton.

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