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Queen Victoria is the Queen
Matthew was born on 15th April 1794 in Cowthorpe his parents William Backhouse and Isabella Thompson
Matthew Marries Ellin Dawson on the 4th May 1816 at St Crux York Yorkshire
I have 11 children all born in Cowthorpe
Firstly William Baptist on 25th October 1818
Mary Anne Baptist on 24th Mary 1820
Isabella Baptist on 17th August 1823
William Baptist on 29th January 1826
Anne Baptist on 21st September 1828
Matthew Baptist on 16th January 1831
Thomas Baptist on 25th November 1832
Elizabeth Baptist on 9th November 1834
Ellen Baptist on 5th June 1836
John Baptist on 29th April 1838
On the 1841 census Matthew is living in Cowthorpe but there no indecation as to the address, Isabella his mother and his family are all together
and lastly Ann Baptist on 3rd October 1841
On the 1851 census Matthew and family are living at number 17 in Cowthorpe there is one surprise on this census and that is a granddaughter Elizabeth age 6 Matthew is a farm worker
On the 1861 census, Matthew was still living at 17 with his wife , son and granddaughter Matthew is a Ag Labourer
On the 1871 Census Matthew is living at 66 in Cowthorpe and is still working as a ag labourer
by this time Matthew and Ellen have 2 sons and a granddaughter living with them, also the family of Elizabeth the granddaughter
i think Matthew becomes a widower in the March quarter of 1874 when wife Ellen dies
Matthew Dies in the September quarter 1877.

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