Ellin Dawson

King George 3rd is on the throne.

Ellin Dawson Was born on the 9 July 1800 and Baptist on the 20 July 1800 and was the daughter to Thomas Dawson and Ann Eckles (Eccles). Ellin was the first of three Children.

Ellin marries at the tender age of 15 to Matthew Backhouse on the 4  May 1816 at saint Crux York Yorkshire
they have 11 children  All in Cowthorpe Yorkshire
The first child William was baptised on the 25 October 1818 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

King George 4th takes the throne on the 29th Janruary 1820 on the death of his father King George 3rd.

The second child Mary Anne was baptised on the  24 May 1820 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The third child Isabella was baptised on the 17 August 1823 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The fourth child William was  baptised on the 29 January 1826 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The fifth child Anne was baptised on the 21 September  1828 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

King William 4th takes the throne on the 26th June 1820 on the death of his brother King George 4th

The sixth child Matthew was baptised on the 16 January 1831 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The seventh child Thomas was baptised on the 28 November 1832 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The Eighth child Elizabeth was baptised on the 9 November 1834 in Cowthrope Yorkshire
The Ninth child Ellen was baptised on the 5 June 1836 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

Queen Victoria takes the throne on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th

The tenth child John baptised on the 29 April 1838 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

On the 1841 Census the family was living in Cowthorpe

The Eleventh child  Ann was baptised on the 3 October 1841 in Cowthrope Yorkshire

on the 1851 Census the family was living at no.9 Cowthorpe

on the 1861 they are living at no. 17 Cowthorpe

on the 1871 they are living at no.6 Cowthorpe and have a granddaughter living with them

Ellin passes away in the March quarter  of 1874  leaving husband Matthew who dies in 1877.