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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
Emily Amelia was the Born on the 22nd May 1857 ( I have the certificate but so hard to read not worth putting on site) and she was the first child of Eight children to John Kendrew and Elizabeth Bulmer and was born in Tockwith.
On the 1861 Census Emily was living with her parents at 49 Tockwith
On the 1881 Census Emily was living at 8 Cowthorpe Yorkshire
On the 7th July 1883 Emily married Francis William Backhouse at Tockwith Yorkshire
During the December Quarter 1883 the first of the children Ernest W. was born in Tockwith
During the December Quarter of 1885 the second child Sarah Elizabeth was born in Kirk Hammerton Yorkshire
During the December Quarter of 1887 the third child Thomas Percy was born in Kirk Hammerton
On the 17th September 1889 the fourth child Lily was born in Kirk Hammerton
On the 1891 Census the Family was at 198 Kirk Hammerton
if I've found the correct John then John Loftas was born in the March Quarter of 1894 in Kirk Hammerton
During the March Quarter 1896 the sixth child Fred was born in Cowthorpe Yorkshire
During The Jun Quarter 1898 the Seventh child Winifred was born in Cowthorpe
On the 11th October 1899 the Boar war breaks out in Africa
During the March quarter of 1900 the Eighth and last child Harold was born in Cowthorpe
King Edward 7th takes the throne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria.
On the 1901 Census the Family was living at 47 Cowthorpe
On the 3rd May 1902 Peace is declared and the Boar War ends
Emily Dies 15th May 1923 at Nethercarr Tockwith leaving Francis a widower.

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