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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
Mary Grace Foulkes is the eldest of 4 children and her parents were Robert Foulkes and Elizabeth Teasdale and was born on the 13th May 1849 at Chorlton upon Medlock
On the 1861 census the family is living at 4 John's place Liverpool
On the 20th August 1868 Mary Marries George Henry McMurray from Scotland Rd Liverpool ( George is down as a widow )
On the 26th July 1869 they have a daughter Elizabeth Ann
On the 10th January 1871 the second Child Robert Matthew is born
During the March quarter of 1871 Elizabeth Ann dies
On the 10th October 1875 the third Child Thomas John is born
During the September Quarter of 1878 they have a daughter Mary G.
The family are at 17 Strickland Street Liverpool on the 1881 Census and here there's a little confusion as there's a Samuel on the census born about 1881 but I haven't found him the index
I did find the index for Albert Edward Y in the June Quarter of 1881
Mary becomes a widow on the 7th February 1883
Some time during 1888 there's a child Elizabeth McMurray
On the 9th May 1888 Mary marries George McMurray ( father is George Henry Young McMurray )
On the 1891 census Mary is living at 80 Conway Street Liverpool
King Edward 7th toke the throne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria.
On the 1901 census Mary is living at 75 Conway Street Liverpool
On the 18th June 1906 Mary dies at 75 Conway Street.

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