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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
George Henry was born in 1839 in Ireland and was the son Of Samuel McMurray but I don't who his mother was.
At so point George marries a lady called Rebecca and moves to Liverpool.
in 1858 George Marries Rebecca Wilson in Newtownards Co Down Ireland.
By 1864 they have moced into Liverpool
On the 23 February 1864 they Have a son George Henry McMurray and he was Christened
at Saint Peter's church Liverpool on the 13 march 1864
Rebecca dies on the 27th January 1868 at 20 Bridgewater Street Liverpool.
George soon remarries to Mary Grace Foulkes on the 30th August 1868 in Liverpool
On the 26th July 1869 the first of the children Elizabeth Ann is born and she is christened on the 3rd Oct 1869
at Saint Peter Church
On the 10th January 1871 the second child Robert Matthew was Born in Liverpool
sadly Elizabeth dies in March quarter 1871
On the 18th June 1872 Robert was christened at Saint Peter's Church
On the 9th October 1875 the third child Thomas John in Everton Liverpool
During the September 1878 the Mary G. McMurray in Everton Liverpool
During the the June 1881 the fifth child Albert Edward Y. In Liverpool
On the 1881 census the family was living at 17 Strickland Street Everton Liverpool
George dies on the 7th February 1883 at 17 Strickland Street Everton Liverpool.

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