Jane Swan
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King George 3rd is on the throne.
Jane seems to be the second child of four to Thomas Swan and Jane Haddlesay and was christened on the 3rd March 1778 in Strensall Yorkshire.
Jane Marries John Scarr on the 9th November 1806 in Bishop Wilton Yorkshire.
the first of the 5 child was Mary who was born on the 3rd April 107 and christened on the 26th April 1807 in Strensall Yorkshire
the second of the children was Ann who was born on the 23rd June 1812 and was christened on the 18th july 1812 in Strensall Yorkshire
the third child Francis was christened on the 9th September 1816 in Strensall Yorkshire
the fourth child was christened on the 6th June 1819 in Strensall Yorkshire
King George 4th takes the throne on the 29th Janurary 1820 on the death of his Father King George 3rd.
The fifth and last child Jane was christened on the 30th December 1821
as yet I'm not sure when Jane dies.

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