Henry Chambers

Henry CHAMBERS was born on 6th May 1889 and was the son of Stephen CHAMBERS and Mary STANBRIDGE at 47 union street Croydon Surrey.

On the 1891 Census they was living at 88 wilford road Croydon Surrey with his elder brother and sister

the next time Henry shows up is on the 15 December 1907 when he marries Daisy Ethel THOROUGHGOOD at Christchurch Church in Croydon Surrey from 87 Longfellow Road Croydon.

they have 5 children starting with

Daisy Ethel born 1 July 1909 in Croydon Surrey

Robert Henry born on 17 October 1910 also in Croydon Surrey

Henry Stephen was born 19 April 1912 in Croydon Surrey  Dies 25 December 1914 at 35 Lahore Road

Bertie CHAMBERS was born on 16 September 1913 in Croydon  bertie was born at 35 Lahore Road Croydon.

Henry joins up on the 9th October 1914 as a Royal engineer 109th Railway company

Arthur Richard   2 March 1915 in Croydon  Dies 18th September 1915 at 35 Lahore Road

Henry makes his way up though the low ranks

on 26 May 1915 he's made a l/cp( Launce Corporal)

on 1 December he's made a Corporal

on 19 March  1919 he's made up to 2nd Corporal

Henry CHAMBERS did His part in the Great War by joining up see his papers at Military papers

not sure when he Left

Henry works for the rest of his life on the Railways, laying the rails

Henry dies on the 9th October 1955 and is buried in Addington Graveyard (village of)