Mary Jane Stanbridge
Silhoulte of A Lady
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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
Mary Jane was the fourth of five children born to George Stanbridge and Susan Stevens.
Mary was born on the 16th Jun 1864 in Croydon.
On the 1871 the family at 4 ???? cottages Croydon
On the 1881 census Living at 64 Croydon Grove Occuption Domestic Servant.
On the 3th June 1883 Mary marries Stephen Chambers
The first of the four children was Mary Susanna born in the september Quarter 1883 in Croydon but unfortunately dies in the same Quarter
The second child was Stephen born in the December Quarter 1884 in Croydon
The third child was Elizabeth and she was born in the March Quarter 1887 in Croydon
The four child was Henry Chambers on the 6th May 1889 in Croydon
On the 1891 census the chambers family was living at 88 Wilford Rd
Mary is left a widow on the 21st December 1892
Mary marries Wiliam Dullaway on the 19th March 1893 from 6 union street Croydon.
Mary and william have a family The first of which was Albert William Dellaway who was born in the March Quarter 1895
The second child was Mary and she was born in the March Quarter 1898
The third child was Rose and she was born in the December quarter of 1899
King Edward 7th toke the throne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his Mother Queen Victoria.
On the 1901 Census the family was living at 21 ( I have no name for the Road )
The Fourth and last child John was born in the June quarter 1902 in Croydon Surrey
Once again Mary is left a widow on the death of William in the March Quarter 1904.
Mary Marries Benjamin Thoroughgood on the 11th June 1905 in Croydon
Mary was once again Left a widow on the death of Benjamin on the 16th December 1905
Once again Mary gets married, this time to William Hattley on the 18th April 1906
Mary and William have Two children
The first is William Hattley who was born in the September Quarter 1907 in Croydon Surrey
The second child Ada Elizabeth was born in the March Quarter 1909 in Croydon surrey
King George 5th toke the throne on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th. On the 1911 Census the Hattley Family and the four Dullaway Children was all living 4 rooms at 28 union Street Croydon
Mary Dies on the 19th January 1932. at 32 Union Street Croydon.

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