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King George 3rd is on the throne.
William Tackley was born about 1796 in the Lambeth area of London his father was Issac Tackley i dont know who his mother was.
William Marries Elizabeth Ryland in Newington Surrey on the 12th May 1817.
I'm not sure how many children they have,
but in 1834 they have a son George in Newington surrey
theres also a Charles but I don't know when he was born
Elizabeth dies in the September quarter 1837
William Takes a new wife Mary Ann Morgan (nee Morris) on the 26 February 1838
In March Quarter of  1839 they Have a daughter Mary Ann in Newington
something in 1841 they have a son John
Then on the 7 November 1843 Caroline is born also in Newington Surrey
On the 1851 census William is living at 19 York Street Newington But he's there with his son George
and a lodger. William is a greengrocer
I don't know why but Mary Ann, the 2 Girls and John are at 20 Ayliffe Street Newington
On the 1861 Census the whole family are living at 19 Ayliffe Street he's working as a General dealer
I Didn't find him on the 1871 but on the 1881 census he's living with his wife Mary Ann at the home of their Daughter Caroline Rhodes at 39 Hatcham Road Peckham
On the 25 thJanuary 1886 William Passes away at 29 Manor Grove Hatcham.

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