Robert John Taylor
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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
Robert John Taylor is the very end of this line and therefore I Don't know who his parents were I do know Robert was born about 1859 in Ireland
On the 1881 census Robert was a boarder on his own at 9 Stanfield Road Everton
I don't know where Robert Marries or when but his wife was Martha Ann Furber
the first of the Eleven children was Martha Elizabeth and was born on 16th June 1883
the second of the children Robert was born about 1885
the third child Adam, he was born in the Mar Quarter of 1888
Annie was the fourth child and was born in the September quarter of 1890
On the 1891 census the family was living at 51 Hibbert Street Everton Liverpool
the fifth child was Mary and she was born in the June quarter of 1892
the Sixth child Ada was born in the March Quarter 1895 in Liverpool
the seventh child George Albert was born during the June Quarter 1896 in Liverpool
the eighth child William Frederick was born during the September quarter 1900 in Liverpool
King Edward 7th on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria
On the 1901 census the Family was living at 28 Morland Street Everton.
The nineth child was Hilda Janet and she was born in the june Quarter of 1902 and died in the March quarter of 1904
The 10 month child was Lillian Bertha and she was born in the June Quarter of 1905 in Liverpool
King George 5th toke the throne on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th.
the eleventh child Albert Victor was born in born born in the Septmber Quqrter of 1910 in liverpool
I haven't found the death for Robert as yet.