Robert Wardell
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King George 2nd is on the throne.
Robert was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Razor, And he was baptisted on the 23rd October 1752 in Kirby Misperton Yorkshire.
king George 3rd takes the throne on the 25th October 1760 on the death of his Grandfather King George 2nd .
on the 5th May 1776 Robert Marries Alice Halliday in Scrayingham Yorkshire
The first of the Six children was Christened Jane was christened on 2nd February 1777 in Scrayingham
The second child Thomas was Christened on the 16th December 1778 in Scrayingham
The Third child Francis was Christened on the 20th April 1783 in Westow
The fourth child Elizabeth was Christened on the 6th December 1786 in Ackham by Malton.
The Fifth child Patience was Christened on the 24th September 1797 in Ackham by Malton.
The sixth and last child Ann was Christened on the 21st December 1801
I don't know When Robert dies.

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