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Pamela is the only child i have for John Pollard and Sarah Harding, she was christened on the 17th June 1772 in warnham Sussex,
Pamela marries Joseph Farley on the 8th Nov 1791
The first of the 8 children was Pamela and she was Baptisted on the 6th January 1793 in Slinford Sussex,
Pamela was followed the next year by her brother William he was baptisted on the 4th May 1794 in Singlton Sussex.
i now have a 9 year gap before the third child Charles was baptisted on the 20th March 1803
2 years later on the 14th July 1805 Harriett baptisted in Warnham Sussex.
Another 2 years pass before Ann the 5th child was baptisted, on the 30th August 1807 also in Warnham Sussex.
It take to 1810 before the 6th child Peter was baptisted on the 17th Jun 1810 again in Warnham sussex.
The seventh child Hannah was Baptisted 14th August 1814 in Warnham Sussex.
The 8th and last child Mary Ann was baptisted on the 1st April 1816 in Warnham Sussex. Mary is Buried on the 28th August 1816.
Pamela is widowed in 1829 on he death of Husband Joseph. Pamela dies in 1835 and is buried on the 15th March 1835 in Warnham Sussex.

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