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King George 3rd is on the throne.
Mary was the daughter of John Lanaway and Elizabeth Luff and was Baptised on the 2nd December 1787 in Rudgwick Sussex
Mary Marries Moses Nightingale on the 11thMay 1809 in Rudgwick Sussex
The first of eleven children was John who was born on the 22nd December 1809.and was Baptisted on the 14th January 1810.
the second child was Moses he was Baptisted on the 28th April 1811, the first of the daughters, Mary was Baptisted on the 8th August 1813.
The next child was Harriet who was baptisted on the 14th August 1814.
Elizabeth was the next daughter and she was baptisted on the 25th February 1816, she was followed by Aaron and he was baptisted on the 21st December 1817.
The seventh child was Joseph and he was baptisted on the 11th April 1819
King George 4th takes the thorne on the 29th January 1820 on the death his father King George 3rd.
The next baptism was 2 children James and William on the 29th October 1820.
The tenth child was Hannah wad baptisted on the 14th September 1823 and she was followed by the last child Daniel and he was baptisted on the 25th March 1827.
King William 4thTakes the throne on the 26th June 1830 on the death of his father King George 4th.
Queen Victoria takes the throne on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th.

By the time of the 1841 census Mary was living at the top of North Street Horsham Sussex.
Ten years later on the 1851 census, mary was living at Lambs Bottom farm aged 63 and was down as a farmers wife,
In 1858 Moses passes away leaving Mary to take over the farm and brick Manifacturing which she is doing on the 1861 census.
Mary passes away on the 16th August 1862 in Horsham Sussex and was buried on the 20th August

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