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King william 4th is on the throne.
Mary Kippin was Baptised on the 18th October 1835 in Epsom Surrey and was the Daughter to Charles kippin and Harriet Nightingale.The second child of Ten.
Queen Victoria takes the throne on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her Uncle King William 4th.
Mary is living at 165 Horton Epsom Surrey on the 1851 census with her future Husband and next door to her parents and family
Crimean war breaks out in October 1853 and ends in February 1856.
Mary Marries Thomas Simmons on the 19th April 1856 in Epsom
Their first child follows shortly after the wedding on the 19th June 1856 Lewis
about 1858 they have a second child Maurice also in Epsom
On the 1861 Census Thomas and Mary live at 8 Horton Lane Epsom
later during 1861 Hubert is born
In 1864 Felix is born
In 1866 Harold is born
The first daughter Phillis was born in 1868
And Florence was born in 1970
On the 1871 census they are living at 109 Horton Lane Epsom
Some time is 1872 Amy makes her appearance.
In the March quarter of 1875 Thomas passes away in Epsom leaving Mary to bring up the children.
On the 1881 Census Mary is living at 5 Trotters cottages Horton Surrey Mary is working as a dressmaker
On the 1891 census Mary only has the one child at home and home is 13 Horton lane Epsom and is working as a Monthly Nurse
On the 11th October 1899 the Boar War breaks out in Africa
On the 1901 census Mary is Living with her Uncle Daniel also with her daughter Florence at 65 Hurst road Horsham
On the 3rd May 1902 Peace is declared bringing a end to the Boar War
Mary dies in the June quarter 1903 in Horsham

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