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King George 3rd is on the throne.
Mary Ann Morris Was born about 1804  Her father was Jonathan Morris I don't know who her Mother was.
King George 4th takes the throne on the 29th January 1820 on the death of his father King George 3rd
Mary Marries on the 23rd October 1825 To Joseph Morgan
On the 24th February 1829 called Joseph
King William 4th takes the throne on the 26th June 1830 on the death of his brother King George 4rd
On the 16th June 1831 they had a son George and he was christened on the 13th July 1831 at St Mary's Newington Surrey
their son Joseph who was christened on the 10th august 1834 at St Peters church Walworth surrey.
Queen Victoria takes the throne on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th
At some point Joseph (husband ) dies and Mary Marries William Tackley on the 26thJuly 1838
At this point I lose track of the 2 sons.
Mary and William Tackley have a daughter in the March quarter of 1839 in Newington Surrey Mary Ann.
sometime during 1841 they have a son George in Newington Surrey
On 7th November 1843 they Gave birth to a daughter Caroline in Walworth Surrey.
For Reasons I don't understand on the 1851 Mary Ann and the 3 children are at 20 Ayliffe Street
While William and his son George was at 19 York Street.
On the 1861 Census Mary and William are back together at 19 Ayliffe Street ( I don't Know how long the was apart or why)
On the 1881 Census William and Mary was living with their daughter Caroline Rhodes with her husband and family.
On the25th January 1886 Mary loses William as he dies
Mary dies later that year on the 25th December 1886

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