Mary Ann Dowsett

King George 3rd is on the throne.

Mary Ann Dowsett was born about 1801 but I don't know where or who her parents were.

George 4th takes the throne on the 29 January 1820 on the death of his father King George 3rd

On the 21 October 1821 Mary marries Thomas Clubb, at St Leonards Shoreditch London.

The first of the 6 children Charles Thomas was Baptised on the 20th April 1823 at Mary Magdalene Bemondsey.
The second child George James was baptised on the
10 April 1825 at Mary Magdalene Bermondsey.
The third child Sarah Ann was baptised on the
11 April 1827 at Mary Magdalene Bermondsey. 
The Four child Elizabeth Ann was baptised on
7th June 1829 at Mary Magdalene Bermondsey

King William 4th takes the throne on the 26th January 1830 on the death of his brother King George 4th

The Fifth child Alfred Raphell was baptised on 23rd April 1834 At Mary Magdalene Bermondsey.
The sixth and last child was James Joseph and was baptised on the 24th April 1836 at St Mary Magdalene Bemondsey London.

Queen Victoria takes the throne 20 June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th.

On the 1841 census the family was living in St George southwark London.

On the 1851 census the family was living on the high street Vauxhall Lambeth London.

I think  Mary dies in the June Quarter 1856 in Stepney district.