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Queen Victoria is on the throne.
Louisa was the Fifth of Eleven Children to James Razzell And Mary Wilkins
and was born on the 19th August 1859 in Dorking Surrey
On the 1861 census the family are living at 18 Boar Hill Dorking
On the 1871 census the family are living at Hampstead Lane " Joy Cottage " Dorking
On the 28th December 1878 Louisa marries Lewis Simmons in Kingswood
during the December Quarter 1879 the first of the ten children Lewis James
During the June Quarter 1881 the second child Thomas Hubert was born in the Reigate District
0n the 6th February 1883 the third child Florence Emma was born in the district of Epsom
During the March Quarter 1885 the fourth child Phillis Emily was born in Croydon Surrey
During the September 1887 the fifth child Harold was born also in Croydon
On the 2nd May 1889 Edith the sixth child was born in Croydon
some time during 1890 the seventh child Mabel was born in Croydon
On the 1891 Census the family are living at 23 Adeleide Street Croydon
during the March quarter 1893 the eighth child Mary Louisa was born in Croydon
On the 18th July 1896 the ninth child Ellen was born in Croydon
sometime during 1897 the tenth and last child Albert was born also in Croydon
King Edward 7th takes the thorne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his Mother Queen Victoria.
On the 1901 Census the family was living at 96 Eaton Road Croydon
King George 5th Louisa dies on 24th June 1919 at 112 Pawsons Road Croydon.

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