Kennth Ernest Hall

George 5th is on the throne. Britian is fighting in World War 1

Kenneth Ernest Hall was born on the 27th May 1915 and his parents were Charles Hall And Lily Backhouse

On the 11th November 1918 World War 1 finnishes
King Edward 8th takes the throne on the 20th January 1936 on the death of King George 5th his father.
King George 6th takes the throne on the 11th December 1936 of the Abdication of King Edward 8th his brother.
On the 3rd September 1939 Britian Declares War on Germany the out break of World War 2

Kenneth Marries Edna Darley on the 3 February 1940 at the Register office in Wetherby Yorkshire.
they have one child Lillian June who lives today so her details are withheld.

World War 2 finnishes on the 8th May 1945.
Qyeen Elizabeth 2nd takes the throne of the 6th February 1952 on the death of King George 6th her father.

Kenneth dies in June 2000 in north Yorkshire.