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Joseph Farley was the Fourth of seven children of George Farley and Mary, and was baptised on the 25th April 1762 in Slinford Sussex.
Joseph Married Pamela Pollard on the 8th November 1791 in Slinford Sussex
Joseph and Pamela had eight children
The First was Pamela and she was baptised on the 6th January 1793 in Slinford Sussex
The second was Will, he was baptised on the 14th May 1794 in Slinford Sussex
The third was Charles, he was baptised on the 20th March 1803 in Warnham Sussex.
The fourth was Harriett, she was baptised on the 14th July 1805 in Warnham Sussex.
The fifth was Ann, she was baptised on the 30th August 1807 in Warnham Sussex. Ann died and was buried on the 23rd January 1816 in Warnham Sussex.
The sixth was Peter, he was baptised on the 17th June 1810 in Warnham Sussex.
The Seventh was Hannah and she was baptised in 1814 in Warnham Sussex.
The Eighth and last was Mary Ann, she was baptised in April 1816 and died on the 28th August 1816 in Warnham Sussex.
I don't Know when he died.

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