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King William 4th is on the throne.
James was the second of Eleven children to James Razzell and Harriett Farley. and was born in 1831 in Warnham Surrey.
Queen Victoria thats the thorne on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th
on the 1841 census the family was living at Black Brook Dorking
on the 1851 census the family was living at Boar Hill Dorking
James Marries Mary Wilkins on the 3rd April 1854 in Dorking.
The first two of the children was James and Mary who was both Christened on the 21st December 1854 in Westcott Surrey.
the third child Emma was born Christened on the 8th June 1856 in Westcott
The fourth child Elizabeth was christened on the 11th October 1857 in Westcott.
The Fifth child Louisa on the 19th August 1859in Boar Hill Dorking.
on the 1861 census the family was living at Boar Hill Dorking.
The sixth child Pamela was born on 17th April and Christened on the 8th June 1862 in Westcott
The seventh child Thomas was Christened on the 10th January 1864 in Westcott
The eighth child Charles was christened on the 12th November 1865 in Westcott
The Ninth child Emily was Christened on the 8th December 1867 in Westcott
The tenth child Ellen was Christened on the 9th January 1870 in Westcott
on the 1871 Census the family was living at Hampstead Lane " Joy Cottage " in Westcott.
The Eleventh and last child George was Christened on the 12th May 1872
James becomes a widower on the 31st May 1873 when Mary dies.
On the 25th March 1877 James Marries again to Fanny Croucher ( a widow) nee Steven, ( I think Fanny brings 2 children to the marriage Elizabeth Jane and Mary S. )
in the December quarter 1877 they have a child Caroline Fanny.
On the 1881 Census the family is living at Kingston Road Leatherhead Surrey.
On the 1891 Census James And Fanny are on their own I'm not sure where Caroline is they are living at Barnett Wool Lane Leatherhead
King edward the 7th takes the thorne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his Mother Queen Victoria.
James die on the 23rd October 1908, he was living with his Wife Fanny in Park Road Cottages Kingston Road Leatherhead.

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