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Queen Victoria is on the throne.

James was born in the September quarter 1843 in Glapthrone Northamptonshire
He was Baptisted on the 30th July 1843, His Parents were Thomas Ives and Elizabeth
In October 1853 war Broke out in the Crimea and it continued until May 1856
On the 1871 census James was living with his mother at Upper Street Glapthorn and working as a Agricultural Labourer
During the June quarter 1872 James marries Catherine Spooner ( Catherine had a daughter Louise Elizabeth )
During the March quarter 1873 the first child Thomas Henry was born
During the December quarter 1874 the second child Robert was born
During the June quarter 1876 the third child Harriet was born
During the June quarter 1878 the fourth child George was born
During the June Quarter 1880 the fifth child Kate was born
On the 1881 Census the family is living at Albert Place Peterborough and he is still working as a Agricultural Labourer
During the September quarter of 1882 the sixth child Fanny was Registared, Fanny was Baptisted on the 21st July 1882
On the 15 February 1885 the seventh and last child Sophia was born just off Albert Place Peterborough
On the 16th November 1889 in Peterborough Catherine Dies leaving James with the children
By the 1891 census Sophia was pasted to Catherine's sister Maria as James was unable to cope
On the 1891 census James was living at 13 Johnson's Row Peterborough with 4 of the children and is working as a farm Labourer
On the 11th October 1899 the Boar War (second of two wars in Africa) broke out
Kind Edward 7th takes the throne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria.

On the 1901 living at 11 Westwood Street Peterborough and was still a widower and working as a General Labourer
On the 3rd May 1902 peace was declared in Africa.
I don't know where or when James dies

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