George Stanbridge

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King Georgeth is on the throne.
George was born about 1821 and I Don't know who his parents were.
George Marries Susan Stevens on the 18th July 1852 in Croydon
the first of the five children Ann was born in the June Quarter of 1853 in Croydon Surrey
the second child Jane Susannah was born in the December Quarter 1856 in Croydon Surrey
On the 1861 census the family is living at 233 Gloucester Road Croydon
the third child was was Elizabeth in the September quarter of 1861 in Croydon Surrey
The fourth child Mary Jane was born 16th 1864 Croydon Surrey
The fifth and last child William Samuel was born in September 1870 in Croydon Surrey
On the 1871 census the family was living in Croydon Surrey
On the 1881 Census the family was living 26 Wilford Road Croydon Surrey
On the 1891 census George and Susan was living in with their daughter Mary and her husband Stephen Chambers at 88 Wilford Road Croydon
in Mar quarter 1892 George loses his wife Susan
George dies in June Quarter 1899 in Croydon Surrey.

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