George Farley

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King George 2nd is on the throne
George Farley is on the very edge of my research I Therefore know very little about him
George Marries Mary i don't know her surname
They had 5 children
The first was Sarah who was Baptised on the 12/9/1756 in Slinfold Sussex.
The second was Mary and she was Baptised on the 19/3/1758 in Slinfold Sussex.
King George 3rd takes the throne on the 25th October 1760 on the death of his grandfather King George 2nd.
The Third child was Elizabeth and she was Baptised on the 16/11/1760 in Slinfold Sussex.
The Fourth child was Joseph and he was baptised on the 25/4/1762 in Slinfold Sussex.
The last child was Ann and she was baptised on the 11/3/1764 in Slinfold Sussex.
This is all I know

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