Earnest John WRIGHT

Great Grandfather

Queen Victoria is on the Throne.

Earnest John WRIGHT Was born on 26th February 1888 and was the son of John WRIGHT and wife Agnes Lyons
Earnest John was born at 3 West Avenue The Market Greenwich
Two Boar wars between 1899 and 1902.
King Edward 7th takes the throne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria.
King George 5th takes the throne on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th
Ernest John Wright Marries Alice Maud RHODES on the 25 december 1910 From 25 Stanley road Teddington Middlesex,
( this address I Believe was owned by Alice's brother Alfred Arthur RHODES )
they had 4 children
George Ernest was Born on the 13th September 1911 In Kew Surrey.
Edith Maud on the 22nd March 1914 in London
August 1914 World War 1 Breaks out
Lillian Alice in the Dec Quarter 1915 in Regisation District of Richmond, Ernest Joins the Army as some point,
Frederick Alfred on the 14th April 1917 at 3a Royal Parade, North Sheen, Surrey.
November 1918 the First World War 1 finishes
Alice Caroline born on the 26th January 1920 in Regisation District of Richmond
within Days it's said that Earnest leaves the family home not to Be spoke of again
but on the wedding of George on the 26th April 1930 George States his Father as a Film renter, so I believe he's was still alive.
King Edward 8th takes the throne on the 20th January 1936 on the death of his father King George 5th.
King George 6th takes the throne on the 11th December 1936 on the abdication of his brother King Edward 8th
September 1939 World War 2 Breaks out
on the 1939 Register ( A register is to find out the people in Britian to enable the Government to issue ID cards )
he is down as John and living at 6 George Street Wellington Somerset with his wife Eleanor ( No Marriage found ) he was working as a Cinema Manager.
In 1942 Eleanor dies and they are still living at 6 George Street, a newspaper report
the Seecond world war comes to an end in November 1945.
I still don't know when he dies.
The following is all hear say so I don't know the truth
Alice Dies in 1963 and it later appears that Earnest Lives around the Corner
at some point in the near future Earnest dies and leaves his Estate to a brother
This Brother has a spend up and dies
at some time before 1971 when Ethel WRIGHT ( Georges Wife )is taken ill
she reads in a paper they are looking for the children on Earnest WRIGHT
she sorts the papers out and I Believe George gets a lump sum of 600 from the estate of Earnest's Brother.