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Ellen was the daughter to Lewis simmons and Louisa Razzell and was born on the 18th July 1896 in Croydon Surrey. Ellen was the 7th child of eight.
On the 15th November 1912 Ellen Married Hubert Frank Young was living at 112 Pawsons Road Croydon Surrey.
It wasn't long before the first of the 16 children arrived Violet Dorothy was born on the 6th February 1913
all 16 of the children was born in Pawsons Road Except Winifred
Rosina;   Morris E.H.
Winifred was born  in the Winchester area
Ronald Percy   back in Croydon surrey
Norman;    Reginald;   Edna
Iris;    Donald;   Hubert;
Barbara   Peter;   Michael
Roy;   Shirley;   Paul
The dates of the births are with held due to some of these people still live today
Ellen Lives at 112 Pawsons Road for the most part of her life.
For a short period during world war 2 she moves to 85 Queens Road Sheffield, but soon moves back to 112 Pawsons Road Croydon  ( I know this by her Identity card )
Ellen becomes a widow on the 4th October 1946 and remains so for the rest of her life
Ellen remains at 112 Pawsons Road until her ill heath takes her to Queens Road Hospital (the old workhouse )
Ellen passes away on the 23rd December 1980.

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