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Eliza Langridge was the 3rd child of 8 children of George Langridge and Eliza Bailey
and born in the June quarter 1854 in Croydon Surrey and was baptisted on the 23 May 1858
On the 1861 Census the family was living at Cherry Orchard Road Croydon
not found the 1871 Census
On the 22nd September 1873 Eliza Marries Robert Thoroughgood
During the September quarter 1874 the first of the children Eliza A was born
During the September quarter 1876 the second child Louisa Florence was born
Onthe 13th Feb 1878 the 2 children was baptisted at James church Croydon
During the September quarter 1879 the first son Robert George was born
On the 1881 Census they are living at 3 Park Cottages Cherry Orchard Rd Croydon
During the December Quarter of 1881 they Registered a daughter Lilly, Lilly was baptist on 24th October 1881 in croydon
During the September quarter 1884 the 4th child Rose Matilda was born and was baptisted on the 21st Apr 1889.
The 6th child Mary was registered during the June Quarter of 1887 but wasnt baptisted until the 6th September 1888 but it was a Private Baptisted the Holy Trinity Church Selhurst
On the 7th January 1890 the 5th child Ethel Daisy was born at 3 Daltons Court Church Street Croydon and was baptisted on the 21st Jan 1891.
On the 1891 Census the family was living at 3 Daltons Court.
On the 24th October 1891 the 8th child Grace was born and she was baptisted on the 18th November 1891
During 1893 the 9th child was born Archibald Harold Arthur to be known as Arthur his birth was registratered during the March Quarter of 1893.
On the 10th March 1896 the last of the children Edward James was born, he was baptisted on the 12th November 1896
This is where i get confused
I can't find the death of Eliza or a wedding of Robert to a Grace but the 1901 Census states
Robert had a wife Grace
On the 1911 Census Eliza is again the wife of Robert ( and so i have to believe the 1901 Census is in error ) they are living at 8 pump pail Croydon.
I still haven't found the death of Eliza

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