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King George 5th is on the throne.
Bertie CHAMBERS was born in Croydon Surrey on the 16th September 1913 to Henry CHAMBERS and Daisy Ethel THOROUGHGOOD at 35 Lahore Road.
On the 17th February 1934 Bertie Marries Violet Dorothy YOUNG at the registrar Office in Croydon.
Their first Child Alan Brian CHAMBERS was born in the March Quarter 1934 in Croydon surrey
King Edward 8th takes the throne on the 20th January 1936 on the death of his father King George 5th.
Their second and last child was Renee Ethel Chambers  she was born on the 14th October 1936
King George 6th takes the throne on the 11th December 1936 on the abdication of his brother King Edward 8th.
on 20th November 1937 Violet Dies in Mayday Hospital Croydon.
Bertie told me that when World War 2 broke out he was in the Army and he became a hand to hand combat instructor for the duration of the world and therefore stayed at home.
Queen Elizabeth 2nd takes the throne on the 6th June 1952 on the death of her father King George 6th.
Bertie moves away from Croydon and ends up on his own in Oxford.
On the 13th December 1998 Bertie passed away at 9 Beckley View House, Fettiplace Road Headington Oxford.
He was a roofing tiler all his working life.

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