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King William 4th is on the throne.

Ann Lewis is the Daughter of Thomas Lewis and was born about 1835 in Lambeth London.
Queen Victoria takes the thorne on the 20th June 1837 death of her uncle King William 4th.
In the December Quarter of 1855 Ann has a Daughter Elizabeth Emma in the Workhouse
On the 1st of April 1859 the Second Daughter Annie Amelia Lewis was born
1861 Census living at 6 St Anns Road Lambeth down as a sister in law to John Simmons
Ann marries Alfred Raphell Clubb on the 30thDecember 1860 in the parish of St Mary Lambeth.
On the 21 January 1862 Ann gives birth to a son Robert A Clubb the first of her child with Alfred
On the 1st March 1864 Fanny Maria was born at 5 Russell Gardens Lambeth
In the June Quarter 1867 the last of the children Charles Edmund is born.
1871 Census they are Living at 5 Spring Gardens
On the 18th Mar 1874 they have Fanny Christened ( i don't know why it toke so long )
On 17th Mar 1877 Ann becomes a widow on the death of Alfred.
In the Mar Quarter of 1880 Ann Dies in he Lambeth district.

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