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King George 4th is the King.
Ann was born in Cheam Surrey and was Baptist in 1826 her father was James Bryant mother is unknown
King William 4th becomes king on the 26th June 1830 on the death of his brother King George 4th.
queen Victoria becomes queen on the 20th June 1837 on the death of her uncle King William 4th.

on the 1841 Census Ann is on Park farm in Cuddington Surrey
Ann Marries George White on 12 July 1846 in Cheam Surrey
The first of the ten children followed in the September quarter of 1846 Esther Sarah in Cheam
Harriett was December Quarter 1848 in Cheam
Edward was born in the September quarter 1850 in Cheam
On the 1851 census the family was living at 33 in Cheam
Jane comes along during the September quarter of 1852 in Cheam
Mary Ann is born in the September Quarter of 1854 in Cheam
Elizabeth is born in the December quarter of 1856 in Cheam
Ann is on the 1861 census as born about 1859 in Cheam
On the 1861 Census the family is at 12 Queens House Cheam
Fanny is born about 1860 on the 1871 census but there no Ann im not to sure but it think Ann and Fanny are the same person
Alice Matilda is born in the June Quarter of 1867 In Cheam
at some piont in the next 2 years the family move to Croydon Surrey
Amy Emma Florence is the last of the Ten children and was born in Croydon Surrey  on 31 December 1869
On the 1871 cesus the family is living at 1 Sidimouth Cottages Croydon Surrey
On the 1881 they family is living at 15 Vicarage Road Croydon Surrey
On the 1891 census George and Ann are living at 94 Culvers Lodge Croydon Surrey
Ann Passes away on the 22 March 1899 at 40 Tamworth Road Croydon Leaving George on his own.

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