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Queen Victoria is on the throne.

Alice Maud RHODES was born on the 26th October 1886 in 10 Manor Grove Hatcham Surrey.
she was the daughter of Thomas Lees Rhodes and Caroline Tackley Alice was the last of 7 Children
and she was using her middle name Maud by the turn of the century
Alice is brought up by her mother as her father dies in 1892
King Edward 7th takes the thorne on the 22nd January 1901 on the death of his mother Queen Victoria.
on the 1901 Census Alice is called Maud and she living with her mother Caroline Hamblin at 3 Oswin Street St George the martyr.
King George 5th takes the thorne on the 6th May 1910 on the death of his father King Edward 7th.
Alice Marries Ernest John WRIGHT on the 25 December 1910 from the address 25 Stanley Road Teddington Middlesex.
Alice starts the Family quickly and gives birth to the first of five children on the 13th September 1911
George Ernest Wright at 3 Waterloo Place Kew Surrey
Edith Maud was born on the 22nd March 1914 in the Richmond area of London. (Edith was called Mazie)
Lillian was born in the year 1916 also in the Richmond area of London (Lillian was call Jean )
The fourth child was Frederick Alfred Wright was on on the 14th April 1917. Alice Caroline the last of the children was born on the 26th January 1920 in the Richmond
Alice Brings up the children on her own, as John is said to have walked within the last few days of January 1920
Kind Edward 8th became king on the 20th January 1936 on the death of his father Kind George 5th.
Alice remarries on the 4th April 1936 to a called Llewelyn OWEN stating herself as a widow
She's Living at 132 Buckland Way Worcester Park Surrey
Kind George 6th became king on the 11th December 1936 on the Abdication of his brother Kind Edward 8th.
Alice and Llewelyn have a party for there 25 wedding Anniversary in the June of 1961
Alice dies 16th July 1963 in hospital but lives at 93 Ranelagh Road West Ham Essex .

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