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  Francis William Backhouse / John Backhouse / Lily Backhouse

  Matthew Backhouse William Backhouse

  Ann Bryant / James Bryant

  Elizabeth Bulmer / John Bulmer

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  Mary Catherall /

  Bertie Chambers / George Chambers / Henry Chambers / Renee Ethel Chambers / Stephen Chambers 1840 / Stephen Chambers 1862

  Alfred Raphell Clubb / Fanny Maria Clubb / Thomas Clubb / William Clubb

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  Charles Darley / Edna Darley / John Darley / Joseph Darley

  Ellin Dawson / Thomas Dawson

  Mary Ann Dowsett

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  Ann Eckles

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  George Farley / Harriett Farley / Joseph Farley

  Edward Foulkes / Mary Grace Foulkes / Robert Foulkes

  Elizabeth Francis / William Francis

  Ann Freeman / Henry Freeman

  Martha Ann Furber

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  Amy Gibson

  Sarah Ann Gregory / William Gregory

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  Alice Haliday

  Jane Haddlesay / John Haddlesay /

  Charles Hall / John Hall / Joseph Hall / Kenneth Ernest Hall / Mary Ellen Hall

Hellena Harker

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  James Ives / Sophia Ives / Thomas Ives

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  Emily Amelia Kendrew / John Kendrew

  Charles Kipplen / Mary Kippin

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 Mary Lanaway /

  Eliza Langridge / George Langridge / Ann Lewis

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  George Albert McMurray / George Henry McMurray / Samuel McMurray / Thomas John McMurray

  Charles Milton 1887 / Charles Milton 1855 / Ethel Ruth Milton / George Milton 1817 / George Milton 1795

  Mary Ann Morris / Jonathan Morris / Hannah Mose


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  Harriett Nightingale / Moses Nightingale / Richard Nightingale

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Harriet Pallister / Pamela Pollard

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  James Razzell / Louisa Razzell

  Alice Maud Rhodes / Thomas Lees Rhodes / William Lees Rhodes

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  Ann Scarr / John Scarr

  Ellen Simmons / Lewis Simmons / Thomas Simmons / William Simmons

  Ann Skelton

  Ann Sopp

  Catherine Spooner / Robert Spooner

  George Stanbridge / Mary Jane Stanbridge

  Ann Stevens / Susannah Stevens

  Francis Swan / Jane Swan / Thomas Swan

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  Caroline Tackley / William Tackley / Isaac Tackley

  Martha Elizabeth Taylor / Robert John Taylor

 Elizabeth Teasdale

  Charles Thompson / George Thompson / Henrietta Thompson / Isabella Thompson / James Thompson

  Daisy Ethel Thoroughgood / Robert Thoroughgood  / William Thoroughgood

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 Rebecca Ward 

  Francis Wardell / Jane Wardell / Robert Wardell 1752 / Robert Wardell 1723 / Zachariah Wardell

  Amy E Florence White / George White / William White

  Mary Wilkins / James Wilkins 1799 / James Wilkins

  Eileen Wilson / Henry Wilson / John Joseph Wilson / Kezia Wilson

 Mary Wood

  George Ernest Wright / Ernest John Wright / John Wright

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 Francis Young / Hubert Frank Young / Luke Young / Samuel John Young / Violet Dorothy Young

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